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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 negative experiences on Facebook and the effects

More and more kids and teens are spending time on social networking sites. Facebook is no.1 on the list of priority. Facebook and other social networking sites are great to revive, maintain and extend relationships. It just takes clicks to connect to your childhood friends or tether to new found friends. As much as Facebook is known to renew relationship its also a major tool in shattering relationship. A research shows that the more time kids and teens spent on Facebook, the more likely they were to suffer from ailments like personality disorder, paranoia, anxiety and alcohol use.

According to a new study, the three most-common negative experiences are:

Ignoring or denying "friend" requests
Deleting public messages
Seeing a 'Top Friends list' on which one doesn't appear or is ranked lower than expected

All three of the major negative experiences are ones that can be found only in the world of social networking. In real life, one does not walk up to another person and ask to "friend" him or her. Experience in social interactions in the real world often doesn't translate to the virtual world. Even the word "friend" means vastly different things to different people in the social networking world.

In such scenario, ending up having a shattered relationships have far fetched implications. Children, teens and even grownups get so involved that they do not know where to draw the line. Virtual friendship is healthy as long as you know the limitations of it. Many use social networking sites as important business tool marketing their products. it's but obvious that those people befriend with a purpose on mind. Without being judgmental, we should be mature enough to understand the limitations of the social networking sites. Ending up with broken hearts is the last thing we would want, both online or offline.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You can actually earn money from your YouTube account!

View YouTube videos and get paid for it!! Yes, that's what does for you! Here you just view YouTube Videos and it is quite easy actually.

1) Open an YouTube account, if you don't have one yet.

2) Signup with

3) Click a video and view to earn money.

4) Refer to friends and earn even more.

You will get paid $0.005 for each video you personally view, $0.10 for each comment you leave, and $0.15 for each subscription you make. You'll also get paid $0.001 for each video your referrals view, $0.01 for each comment your referrals leave, and $0.05 for each subscription your referrals make. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Signup by clicking here.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Downline building, getting referrals and mutually helping each other

Earning on the internet involves a lot of activity. We need to do a lot of tasking - networking, sharing, interacting in a way that benefits each other mutually. The major earning structure on the internet works on solid downline building and gathering referrals, as many as one can manage. More the better.

I receive numerous signup requests, as a downline, under various users who I have either known directly or indirectly. Some have become good friends and we have developed a beautiful understanding by now. Friends or just acquaintances, I try to sign up under their referral links. I feel, the mutual exchanges make the internet special. I have, so far, signed up in innumerable websites as a downline. Even though, haven’t been active in many, my signing up helped others to grow their network and business

When I started a discussion on downline building on a forum, some time back, most said that they would rather sign up as an independent user. Many, confessed that they get to the resources and go to the primary link and sign up, ignoring the referral link. One user, I remember, even frowned over being discovering that she is a downline.

I have a different viewpoint altogether. I would never mind being a downline, if I feel I should sign up with the website. I have a few friends who do that as well. What is there not to support each other in real or in virtual life!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Websites that really pay: My Top 5 pick of 2010

A Guide to Online Earning

Making money from your website: Too much work, little pay

2010 has been a year full of challenges, discoveries and learning. In an endeavor to launch my website and earn from it, I learned so many things. Now, I know the basics of online earning, even though, I am actually not earning from it. Not yet, so far. I need to gear up with some more tools and then may be I will capitalize on the resources. I have found that there are several sites that really pay and are NOT scams.

My top rated picks of the paying sites with referral links are as follows:






Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Adsense: The best marketing tool!

Internet marketeers know how important it is to retain the Google Adsense account for once you lose it, you will have nothing more to regret. Even though, there are several other money making marketing tools available, the Yahoo publisher, Bidvetiser, Chikita, Adbrite to name a few, Google offers most authentic mode of earning and payment. Google Adsense has been, particularly, austere with their accounts these days, especially with the Asian countries. Several accounts been banned stating reasons like invalid clicks or impressions. Nothing could be more disheartening than that. However, having said this, the key lies in our hands and we can actually safeguard our accounts by adopting simple measures.

First and foremost: NO CLICKS from your IP address. False clicks to increase your earning will be caught immediately. Do not encourage others to click from your computer also. Adsense would not understand your alibi.

Plagiarism or duplicating from other sources is a cyber crime and recently Adsense is terminating accounts that consistently post plagiarized stuffs. Be original and be creative.

Generate more traffic. Content is the king so try to write good stuffs and promote your articles and write in installments so that the readers are bound to come back to visit your page. Showcase your visitors and commentators and keep reading their blogs as well. Cross traffic exchanges generate more traffic to your site - it's proven.

Things to keep in mind

Keep a note of your Adsense publisher ID. In case, google terminates your account, you will need it to fill in the request form.

Do not place more than 3 ads on your blog or website
Do not click randomly or encourage clicks on your website
Be creative, original
Read the rules and FAQs often
Do not lose hope. Keep trying with honest information.

Want to open a new account? Click here.

Had an account but now banned? Click here to appeal.

Before having one, read the terms and conditions thoroughly here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gmail does not recognize dots (.)!!

A few days back, I received one email from an unknown sender, which did not sound like a spam. It was from some investing company, where probably, the addressed has invested and the email confirmed that and had an attached contract note. The addressed shares the same name as mine but has an address very different. The mail details showed that the addressed has similar email ID as me, except for a DOT in between the user words.

Thinking that it was very important, I wrote one email to the supposed receiver and told her about the goof up. After a while when I checked back, I found that the mail has come back to me! I found it strange and tried to log into my google account with the same user name but with a DOT in between. I entered the same password and guess what! It worked! The inbox opened right in front of me!

I tried signing up with the same user name that I have but with a DOT in between and I was told that the user name was already taken. This increased my curiosity and after a little research I found that the DOTS in between the words are not recognised by google. You can see this if you try to sign in with your user name, but adding or removing a DOT from it. You'll still go to your account!

Google states that:

There are three common reasons why Gmail users think they're receiving someone else's mail. Please select the description that matches your situation below.

Your address is similar but has more or fewer dots (.) or different capitalization.

Sometimes you may receive a message sent to an address that looks like yours but has a different number or arrangement of periods. While we know it might be unnerving if you think someone else's mail is being routed to your account, don't worry: both of these addresses are yours.

Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they'll all go to your inbox, and only yours. In short:

o =
o =
o =

All these addresses belong to the same person. You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You'll still go to your account.

If you get mail that seems to be intended for someone else, it's likely that the sender entered the wrong address, just like if you've ever dialed a wrong phone number for someone. In these cases, we suggest contacting the original sender or website when possible to alert them to the mistake.

One last thing: Google Apps does recognize dots. If you'd like to have a dot in your username, please ask your domain administrator to add your preferred username as a nickname.

That was quite a revelation!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mimpidreams is shifting

Mimpidreams is shifting

You must be wondering about the reduced activity in MD and why I was not showing up and talking it out. I apologise to all of you for being so annoyingly dormant. However, you have been always on my mind and as some of you must be knowing, I was working on the new Ning pricing and features that they have rolled out on 4th of May. They have put forth a couple of options namely Ning Mini and Ning plus. Ning MINI has very few features and not quite MD compatible. How on earth MD will survive without the groups, events! And Ning Plus (19.95$/ month) is something I cannot keep up with right now. I have been undecided and really upset. Some of you have been really sweet to have come forward with their assurances of helping this site going on - something I appreciate but monetary help is something I would not be consider ever.

All said and done, I feel that the show must go on no matter what. We have tried our best to make this place ultra special and how could I let it go?

The good news

MD is phasing out of Ning and we are now, moving onto a different site with webs. I stumbled across this after hundreds of trials and thought this would be the best way to create something like our original MD. I thank you for your patience and understanding while I go about the process of moving out and moving in to a new home we call ‘Dreams Shattered’. Hey, don’t freak out! I still could retain the same name! It’s mimpidreams in a new virtual address.

I am trying to update the new site with all the good old stuffs. Do let me know how did you like the make over, the face lift and I will work on your suggestions. Eagerly awaiting your feedback and active participation. I am the same mimpi and its our same old mimpidreams in a new place and in a new look.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My content copied and plagiarized!!!

I was shocked to see an article on a networking site which had been copied verbatim by someone anonymous from a recent article that I had posted on a different forum. While my reactions range from disbelief to anger, I am wondering how to react to this!

I know, it's a vast world of internet where we can hardly check things and figure out about this kind of cheating. At the most, we can have the user banned but then what? He can pop us again with a different user name! With virtually ineffective cyber laws and little understanding and knowledge about the execution, we have to just wait for some well wisher who might just point out that you have been copied and plagiarised.

It feels bad to know that people are cowardly not to give credit and also not to have their own ideas expressed. We all are individuals with beautiful original ideas and it doesn't take much, does it! They not only do something unethical but also lose their original thoughts and creativity.

I have been lucky. the admin not only have removed the post but also have sufficiently warned the user. Sometimes, people do it out of ignorance as well. Anything on internet is free - that's what they think. I just wish they come of age and do not spoil the internet and try to write their original stuffs.

Good luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Dream Gadget

Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition
Price: 299$

I have hordes of eBooks but I just cannot read them all. Sitting in front of the computer is a strenuous thing and soon I get to lose the drive. I have been searching for eBook Readers. Kindle offers good ones but recently Sony has launched this gadget that completely caters to my needs. This model comes with a responsive, menu-driven 6" touchscreen display that makes navigation, note taking and highlighting using a finger quick and easy. Features of the Touch Edition include a pre-loaded Oxford American English Dictionary, five adjustable font sizes, Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD memory card slots. Available in red, black or silver color, which is cool!

So my next gadget on the list? No points for guessing!