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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The sun, sea and the wobbly plank

The sun looked not quite lunch time yet. I stepped on the same old wobbly plank on the bridge that my father had built with love when I was a child and he still a robust man in thirties. I have never walked without stepping on it. That is an ominous pattern destined to happen telling my mother that I have arrived.

It was cold and placid outside and as I dragged my feet heavy on the plank, I realized that life has not been kind on me inspite of my desperation. Sometimes, I had even contemplated listening to my friend's amazing stories for hours. How miracles changed his life and how sometimes the luck fairy was extra kind to him. I tried hard to get out of that unhappy providence but it seemed that I had a thing for it. It seemed the whole world was conspiring against me and I was a lonely creature fighting a battle I had no idea of.

Soon I found myself standing on the shore. Just short of the waves, gazing at the vast mystifying beauty, startled and clueless I started walking with the waves into the burly, invincible sea. The white froth tickled my feet telling me to walk more into the deep. I kept walking into the sea. It seemed the sun sipped in all the blues and dispersed a vibrant orange love all over and as I looked into the sea I got engaged in an endless rendezvous that the 'lotus eaters' had once experienced.

Suddenly, I sensed an uncanny chill, a sudden numbness and realized that the orange yellow sea distanced into an uncanny austerity. It got dark by then. I was getting late and started walking through the piney shady trail. To my surprise, it started to smell intimate again. It smelled of Brazilian blueberries and squirrels. It smelled like my childhood.

The walk down to my house was full of memories. Memories of my childhood, the memories of the sea, sun, happy days and the squeaky plank on the bridge built by my father. Soon I reached my house. I walked over the bridge to the door which opened to my mother's startled look. This time I didn't step on the wobbly plank!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Note to myself on Women's Day

A true woman is liberated. She empowers people she comes across. She is strong and composed; she loves others as much as she loves herself. She knows when to say NO and how. She smiles off the odds and cries in happiness. She is like a ocean - deep, consistent, wobbly at times. She is an endless story.

She makes herself safe on roads at mid night. She helps others do that as well. She stands for herself and others. She knows her mistake and owns up to it.

And of course she is DONE WITH all the talking and she actually DOES. She is REAL. She doesn't walk in man's shoes. She doesn't wait for her rights to be plated; she makes everyday a woman's day. She is she for always and forever.
She is the woman I would love to become..someday..

#WomansDay #IWD #NoteToMyself on #WomansDay

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mimpidreams is shifting

Mimpidreams is shifting

You must be wondering about the reduced activity in MD and why I was not showing up and talking it out. I apologise to all of you for being so annoyingly dormant. However, you have been always on my mind and as some of you must be knowing, I was working on the new Ning pricing and features that they have rolled out on 4th of May. They have put forth a couple of options namely Ning Mini and Ning plus. Ning MINI has very few features and not quite MD compatible. How on earth MD will survive without the groups, events! And Ning Plus (19.95$/ month) is something I cannot keep up with right now. I have been undecided and really upset. Some of you have been really sweet to have come forward with their assurances of helping this site going on - something I appreciate but monetary help is something I would not be consider ever.

All said and done, I feel that the show must go on no matter what. We have tried our best to make this place ultra special and how could I let it go?

The good news

MD is phasing out of Ning and we are now, moving onto a different site with webs. I stumbled across this after hundreds of trials and thought this would be the best way to create something like our original MD. I thank you for your patience and understanding while I go about the process of moving out and moving in to a new home we call ‘Dreams Shattered’. Hey, don’t freak out! I still could retain the same name! It’s mimpidreams in a new virtual address.

I am trying to update the new site with all the good old stuffs. Do let me know how did you like the make over, the face lift and I will work on your suggestions. Eagerly awaiting your feedback and active participation. I am the same mimpi and its our same old mimpidreams in a new place and in a new look.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to mimpidreams

Mimpidreams is my dream come true. I decided to set this up so I could be in closer contact with all my loved ones! It gets to be more and more interesting as we get to share and interact.

It's quite a user friendly forum and the best way to start is to join the groups which are of interest to you. You could start a new topic under the group or read and comment on the existing topics.

Sharing photographs,videos and music is also very easy to do.

Join, participate, drop your suggestions here. Feel free to leave scathing censures and words of encouragement to improve this site.

Lots of huggles...