Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Truth has only one face

I have seen many people who would never tell the truth. Some lie outright and some are just so scared to tell the fact! They fumble, hide, make up fake stories and become hated in the whole process. Eventually they fall in the groove and they become habitual liars. The other day, as I was coming down from the ICU, I heard one doctor speaking on phone, quite loudly, telling the person on the other side that he was on the overbridge and would be right there in 5 mins! now the overbridge is at least 30 minutes from the hospital!

I really hate this and never quite get to the point where I have to lie. White lies are fine sometimes and I have been there as well but making up stories and cheating is just so gross. And there is but one truth. No burden, no guilt- only sometimes we have to be careful the way we deliver it because truth is not always taken in the right spirit and may hurt people who should not be punished.

Some people resort to lie because they know that the truth wouldn't be accepted. They fear the consequences. But, I feel, truth should be spoken, no matter how and when its delivered, it should be. And, we can forget about it and do not have to worry about the short term memory that we are suffer from. *Laughs*

Share your experiences.