Thursday, December 30, 2010

Few Tips for the Newbies Earn from the Internet

Earning on the internet involves a lot on activity. You need to do a lot of networking, sharing, interacting in a way that benefits each other. A major earning logarithm works on down line building and gathering referrals, while others require you to write proactively, consistently and voraciously. Having spent days researching on the right kind of approach on right kind of sites and to earn from them, I have learned a few basic things on which the virtual world works on. I would like to share those with you here.

How to start off

Don’t expect to become rich overnight. Online earnings happen slowly and take a lot of time and effort.

A few cents from several sites add up to a decent amount. So, invest in lot of genuine sites instead of just one or two. Your effort and time would build up a network that’s very important in converting the cents to dollars.

Your profile speaks volumes about you and your work. Invest time to build an enhancing profile. Be honest and modest. It pays off.

Stay away from scam sites. Most of the sites which ask you to pay first invariably are scam sites. The best opportunities are free sites unless you know someone who has got paid from the sites requiring upfront payment. If you are not sure, ask questions in the forums or amongst online friends.

Spend some time learning while you earn. Join forums which talk about your interests and your skills. There is always an opportunity out there with your specific skill set and interests.

Start with a few activities and gradually expand as time permits you. Be prepared to devote your time and effort.

Open a Paypal account, if you do not have one already. Some sites pay you directly by cheque, while most use payment gateways like Paypal. Another important account that you must have is Google Adsense. It helps you earn from your blog or other sites.

The importance of Networking

A lot of online earning opportunities involve networking. The more successful you are in online networking the more you likely to succeed in your earning endeavour.

If you are already part of a social networking site, make as many new friends who are active online as you can. Visit their blogs/sites/articles, leave comments and votes.

When you join a particular site which involves interaction with other members, make as many friends you can and comment/rate their articles.

There are sites which are ideal for promotion or drawing traffic to your articles/content. I strongly recommend Twitter which gets traffic to your websites. You can also consider sites like Digg, Mixx, stumbleupon, Youtube and Facebook.

Lastly, do not lose heart if you are not successful. Keep trying. It took me almost ten years to earn a modest amount from the internet. Perseverance does pay off.

Good luck!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Dawn to Dusk

The two most beautiful moments in life are the dawn and the dusk. Both are similar, with the same kind of mellowness, but they bring in different kind of feelings. One the beginning and another the end. Both have mesmerizing beauty and an overwhelming presence. Both are precious and magical yet so different, unique and individualistic!

“Don’t look so sad, it’s not so bad, you know.
It’s just another night. That’s all it is.”

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aloo Gobi with Garam Masala (Indian style)

India has an interesting mix of people eating vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. It's hard to tell the proportion but at the end of it we do come up with excellent variations on both veg and non-veg dishes. Two days back, when I posted one article on the good old 'garam masala', my friend from US was inquisitive about the recipes that should go well with the spice blend. Today, I will explore one of the age old, traditional recipes that's been a hit with our family since many generations now.

Read the article on Garam Masala by clicking here.

Aloo Gobi Curry

Aloo gobi is cooked in an Indian curry sauce. It's old but never outdated. Aloo means potato and gobi means cauliflower.


* oil/ ghee (clarified butter)
* cauliflower, broken into small florets
* potatoes, peeled and cubed
* cumin seeds
* turmeric powder
* coriander, cumin paste (the whole seeds are soaked and ground)
* red chili paste
* ginger paste
* garam masala (whole)
* bayleaf
* Salt to taste

Note: you can also use chopped onions.

Heat the oil mixed with ghee in a wok. Toss the cumin seeds, whole garam masala, bay leaf in the oil for a few seconds till they get a shade darker. Add the rest of the ginger, cumin, coriander, red chili paste and saute till the mix dries up. Add sugar (a pinch, for colour), salt and turmeric powder. Add the previously fried cauliflower florets and the fried potato cubes. Mix the vegetables with the curry paste. Allow it to cook till the potato gets tender and the cauliflower beautifully absorbs the spices. Add little amount of water, cover the wok till the ingredients absorb the remaining water. Season with garam masala powder, one tea spoon of ghee and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

The vegetables should absorb all the flavour of the spices maintaining their individual integrity. And if you could strike a balance with the right amount of spices, water and the cooking - you are a great cook!

Accompaniment: freshly cooked white rice, fresh lime, whole green chili.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chuck the High Heels now

High heels make you look sassy and elegant and make you feel fantastically beautiful. Having to wear, balance and walk comfortably in high heels, is an art in itself. Wearing them is at the discretion of the individuals, and being aware is another thing. The effects of wearing habitual high heels are slow but could be severe at some point and it varies from individual to individual.

1. Back, feet, legs ache: constant wearing could lead to chronic lower back pain and muscle sprains which could lead to severe injuries and bone shortening, ligament and cartilage tearing and knee injury.

2. Spine stress and posture defect: Wearing high heels regularly could deform the spine and affect the posture by dis-balancing body movements.

3. Bunions and severe feet condition: High heels lead to unhealthy feet and legs leading to conditions like bunions, in growing toe nails and other severe conditions that might require surgical intervention.

4. Restricted blood circulation: In some cases they may lead to constricted blood circulation leading to unhealthy nervous system.

6. Mental imbalance: In rare cases, it's been found that the mental health has been impaired to certain extent.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Downline building, getting referrals and mutually helping each other

Earning on the internet involves a lot of activity. We need to do a lot of tasking - networking, sharing, interacting in a way that benefits each other mutually. The major earning structure on the internet works on solid downline building and gathering referrals, as many as one can manage. More the better.

I receive numerous signup requests, as a downline, under various users who I have either known directly or indirectly. Some have become good friends and we have developed a beautiful understanding by now. Friends or just acquaintances, I try to sign up under their referral links. I feel, the mutual exchanges make the internet special. I have, so far, signed up in innumerable websites as a downline. Even though, haven’t been active in many, my signing up helped others to grow their network and business

When I started a discussion on downline building on a forum, some time back, most said that they would rather sign up as an independent user. Many, confessed that they get to the resources and go to the primary link and sign up, ignoring the referral link. One user, I remember, even frowned over being discovering that she is a downline.

I have a different viewpoint altogether. I would never mind being a downline, if I feel I should sign up with the website. I have a few friends who do that as well. What is there not to support each other in real or in virtual life!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Websites that really pay: My Top 5 pick of 2010

A Guide to Online Earning

Making money from your website: Too much work, little pay

2010 has been a year full of challenges, discoveries and learning. In an endeavor to launch my website and earn from it, I learned so many things. Now, I know the basics of online earning, even though, I am actually not earning from it. Not yet, so far. I need to gear up with some more tools and then may be I will capitalize on the resources. I have found that there are several sites that really pay and are NOT scams.

My top rated picks of the paying sites with referral links are as follows:






Friday, December 10, 2010

Chili Fish: Mom's style to spice up the day!

Today was one of those days when you get an unexpected off from work and like to spend me-time to the fullest. The holiday season is on and what could be a better day to celebrate it. With the rains still drizzling and the sky accentuated with the sun and cloud, lazing around was the only and unanimous option.

Mom sneaked into my room early in the morn as she usually do and waited for the nod over the menu she decided instantly when she came to know about the holiday. Chili fish and sparkling white rice - that was what she decided on. Anything Chinese and soya sauce is my favorite. She has her own recipe that takes her only 15 minutes at the most. It's the easiest, healthiest and the tastiest recipe on earth! I just added more to acidity and she poured heaveful teaspoon of chili flakes. Father out of station, just the two of us and our simple recipe to spice up the day. Have a look for yourself and decide!

You can envy me now!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Adsense: The best marketing tool!

Internet marketeers know how important it is to retain the Google Adsense account for once you lose it, you will have nothing more to regret. Even though, there are several other money making marketing tools available, the Yahoo publisher, Bidvetiser, Chikita, Adbrite to name a few, Google offers most authentic mode of earning and payment. Google Adsense has been, particularly, austere with their accounts these days, especially with the Asian countries. Several accounts been banned stating reasons like invalid clicks or impressions. Nothing could be more disheartening than that. However, having said this, the key lies in our hands and we can actually safeguard our accounts by adopting simple measures.

First and foremost: NO CLICKS from your IP address. False clicks to increase your earning will be caught immediately. Do not encourage others to click from your computer also. Adsense would not understand your alibi.

Plagiarism or duplicating from other sources is a cyber crime and recently Adsense is terminating accounts that consistently post plagiarized stuffs. Be original and be creative.

Generate more traffic. Content is the king so try to write good stuffs and promote your articles and write in installments so that the readers are bound to come back to visit your page. Showcase your visitors and commentators and keep reading their blogs as well. Cross traffic exchanges generate more traffic to your site - it's proven.

Things to keep in mind

Keep a note of your Adsense publisher ID. In case, google terminates your account, you will need it to fill in the request form.

Do not place more than 3 ads on your blog or website
Do not click randomly or encourage clicks on your website
Be creative, original
Read the rules and FAQs often
Do not lose hope. Keep trying with honest information.

Want to open a new account? Click here.

Had an account but now banned? Click here to appeal.

Before having one, read the terms and conditions thoroughly here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gmail does not recognize dots (.)!!

A few days back, I received one email from an unknown sender, which did not sound like a spam. It was from some investing company, where probably, the addressed has invested and the email confirmed that and had an attached contract note. The addressed shares the same name as mine but has an address very different. The mail details showed that the addressed has similar email ID as me, except for a DOT in between the user words.

Thinking that it was very important, I wrote one email to the supposed receiver and told her about the goof up. After a while when I checked back, I found that the mail has come back to me! I found it strange and tried to log into my google account with the same user name but with a DOT in between. I entered the same password and guess what! It worked! The inbox opened right in front of me!

I tried signing up with the same user name that I have but with a DOT in between and I was told that the user name was already taken. This increased my curiosity and after a little research I found that the DOTS in between the words are not recognised by google. You can see this if you try to sign in with your user name, but adding or removing a DOT from it. You'll still go to your account!

Google states that:

There are three common reasons why Gmail users think they're receiving someone else's mail. Please select the description that matches your situation below.

Your address is similar but has more or fewer dots (.) or different capitalization.

Sometimes you may receive a message sent to an address that looks like yours but has a different number or arrangement of periods. While we know it might be unnerving if you think someone else's mail is being routed to your account, don't worry: both of these addresses are yours.

Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they'll all go to your inbox, and only yours. In short:

o =
o =
o =

All these addresses belong to the same person. You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You'll still go to your account.

If you get mail that seems to be intended for someone else, it's likely that the sender entered the wrong address, just like if you've ever dialed a wrong phone number for someone. In these cases, we suggest contacting the original sender or website when possible to alert them to the mistake.

One last thing: Google Apps does recognize dots. If you'd like to have a dot in your username, please ask your domain administrator to add your preferred username as a nickname.

That was quite a revelation!

I have enough reasons to drink tea!

Being a tea drinker, I love trying newer varieties of tea. I love the Darjeeling leave tea, which is essentially the flavor tea. Having said that, different occasions and different time of the day would
decide on the type of tea I would drink at that point in time. My father is also a tea drinker- that makes two of us in the family. My sisters drink tea occasionally, ceremoniously and at times as medicinal dosage. I love the way they prepare themselves to actually sip in the hot, energy beverage!

The antioxidants that tea, both black and green, contains, reduces the harmful effects of the fats and oils consumed. It lowers cholesterol levels and helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. It raises the levels of good cholesterol over bad cholesterol.

Green tea has cancer preventive properties that work against the development of cancerous cells.

It helps prevent tooth decay, gum diseases and various other dental disorders. It also helps maintain good dental health. It prevents bad breath, insomnia, fatigue and helps maintain vitality and vigor.

It increases mental awareness and prevents cognitive disorders. It helps eliminate stress and promotes overall relaxation. It promotes a healthy skin and hair and slows down the process of aging.

So, I have enough good reasons to endorse tea. You cannot blame me! Happy drinking tea!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doing things that recharge you

Today is Saturday. Another week has passed by without me doing anything new except for some achievements in 'Shared Reviews". I am at no.2 there which is pretty impressive for someone belonging to non US country. SR has a great community that never fails to boost your motivation. I am so thankful!

Only thing, I have to write more which I am failing at recently. My target was 1 review/ article every day but I am far behind and struggling. And since that's not happening right now, I have stopped making goals. I am writing whenever I am feeling like. I have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow. Beside the cleaning and the chores, I have a project to finish, a few pending edits to clean up the old articles, some paid tasks and then I am hoping to write one fresh article - something I haven't since long. It feels drained out when I do not for a long time.

Nothing like penning down your thoughts. However weird it may appear, it feels much energized and recharged. So, are you doing your mind? Are you doing stuffs that recharge you? If not just do it - today!

Wish you luck! Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken: A Haiku

It was most futile
The river ne'er stops flowing
And I found myself

However hard we try we cannot change the person who doesn't want to. We are left with only two choices. Either we flow with the river or we be passive bystanders, aloof and watch it flow and take its own course. Letting go of our individuality would be something that I rather not see myself doing. I can only be a wise watcher and learn from it. And from the time I started doing it, I found myself. I found myself after long years of living others lives.

This is a tribute to all those fighter people who are just themselves and who have not given up even in the face of adversaries. Kudos...

Photo credit: NG

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So what your job sucks!!

Hope you all are doing fine. There has been a lot of festivities in the last few weeks and please accept my belated greetings for the season. I hope you all had a good time.

Now, what next? It's time to rewind and get going however drab it may seem. We just cannot be eternally disillusioned and disgusted with our job profiles, can we? It doesn't make sense to curse the job, the bosses and the intertwined politics. At the end of the day we have to live with it. So, why not take a different stand on something that has been sucking. First and foremost, we have to understand that we cannot change the system overnight. We have to realize and consider the loopholes and the negative aspects in order to love the job we are into.

I have found that organizing always helps. Piling up jobs to the point that we lose the inside outs not only aggravates the hassle but also creates a sense of insufficiency and incompleteness. We can do better than that, don't we? So, before going on holidays, I keep myself updated with my job so much so that the day when I rejoin, I am recharged, refreshed with NO hangover from the older backlogs.

Again, delegating the duties timely helps enormously as well. Some people just cannot delegate duties hoping that they will lose out on the credit of the outcome or just because they do not have faith in others. But once we start to do that, things will be more fun and fast.

We should also realize that we will get to no where by being cursing and venomous. The amount of energy we would spend to do this actually would help us in our individual growth if we could dechannelize. My experience tells me that our job starts to suck when we are trying to accentuate on the flip sides that the job comes with. No job on earth would be a perfect platter and sooner we realize this, it's better for us.

We should also start by liking and developing tolerant skills that would help us learn more about the job. Knowing and understanding the intricacies of our jobs help us better our performances and gradually this lead us to the point from where looking back at the journey makes it all the more fun and worthy.

Another important thing I have learned is that, we should be able to laugh at ourselves and take it in the right spirit when anyone else does.That eases us the viciousness and helps us remain unaffected at the never ending office politics.

So, declutter, reorganize, delegate, love the job and have fun at ourselves make things definitely easier. Try out and let me know. Till then happy trying.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A guide to online earning

When I started off my activities on the internet ten years back, it was more of fun and time pass and an endeavor to catch up with the fast changing world. The virtual world was an avenue that gave me an opportunity to let go and do my mind. I was proactively participating on various networking sites when I got to learn about another aspect that the virtual world has to offer. It was an avenue that opened my eyes. I never believed that we could actually earn online until I got paid for micro blogging. It was a few cents but overpowering.

A B Cs of online earning

Soon, I realised that we get to earn here through multiple tasks, micro blogging, writing articles, networking and through clicking on the adverts, some of which I liked immensely and some I didn't quite enjoy. I prioritized on the kind of tasks I would be doing here on internet. I guess, people have different priorities and different fascinations and getting to know them and sticking to those help them excel here. It worked great for me.

A B Cs of online earning

So, I decided to set up a websitethat would hopefully answer the queries of newbies and for people who want to earn online. This website is essentially for the aspirants who want to earn online in their free time. I will guide you through the websites and the dos and donots of online addiction.

A B Cs of online earning

Here, have a look and feel free to ask me anything that you want to know. Thanks for your readership.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mimpidreams is shifting

Mimpidreams is shifting

You must be wondering about the reduced activity in MD and why I was not showing up and talking it out. I apologise to all of you for being so annoyingly dormant. However, you have been always on my mind and as some of you must be knowing, I was working on the new Ning pricing and features that they have rolled out on 4th of May. They have put forth a couple of options namely Ning Mini and Ning plus. Ning MINI has very few features and not quite MD compatible. How on earth MD will survive without the groups, events! And Ning Plus (19.95$/ month) is something I cannot keep up with right now. I have been undecided and really upset. Some of you have been really sweet to have come forward with their assurances of helping this site going on - something I appreciate but monetary help is something I would not be consider ever.

All said and done, I feel that the show must go on no matter what. We have tried our best to make this place ultra special and how could I let it go?

The good news

MD is phasing out of Ning and we are now, moving onto a different site with webs. I stumbled across this after hundreds of trials and thought this would be the best way to create something like our original MD. I thank you for your patience and understanding while I go about the process of moving out and moving in to a new home we call ‘Dreams Shattered’. Hey, don’t freak out! I still could retain the same name! It’s mimpidreams in a new virtual address.

I am trying to update the new site with all the good old stuffs. Do let me know how did you like the make over, the face lift and I will work on your suggestions. Eagerly awaiting your feedback and active participation. I am the same mimpi and its our same old mimpidreams in a new place and in a new look.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Truth has only one face

I have seen many people who would never tell the truth. Some lie outright and some are just so scared to tell the fact! They fumble, hide, make up fake stories and become hated in the whole process. Eventually they fall in the groove and they become habitual liars. The other day, as I was coming down from the ICU, I heard one doctor speaking on phone, quite loudly, telling the person on the other side that he was on the overbridge and would be right there in 5 mins! now the overbridge is at least 30 minutes from the hospital!

I really hate this and never quite get to the point where I have to lie. White lies are fine sometimes and I have been there as well but making up stories and cheating is just so gross. And there is but one truth. No burden, no guilt- only sometimes we have to be careful the way we deliver it because truth is not always taken in the right spirit and may hurt people who should not be punished.

Some people resort to lie because they know that the truth wouldn't be accepted. They fear the consequences. But, I feel, truth should be spoken, no matter how and when its delivered, it should be. And, we can forget about it and do not have to worry about the short term memory that we are suffer from. *Laughs*

Share your experiences.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We create our pains, we create our happiness..

With every hurt, every pain every teardrop we are to blame ourselves only. We are the creator of our sadness and hurts. No one can create those for us. A stable mind does not cry, nor does it blame others or allow the darkness to affect him. There could be, there are several stimuli but it's us who create our own pains. Not all cry while watching a sad movie. Some even laugh it off. No one asks us to shed our tears, so no one should be responsible. It's us who decides for ourselves. So, the stimulus as in the sad scene does not really gulp all! So, how can we blame others for creating our pains. We must stay stable, peaceful and try to change ourselves instead of judging others. For it's our life and we are in charge and we must change, grow for the better.

Life is beautiful and happiness is just a choice that we have to make because we are happy creatures. I have been trying to be poise and beautiful. It's not an easy task but trust me we can bring about our happiness by making right kind of choices.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anne Frank would never die, nor would Miep Gies

Miep Gies, the last survivor among Anne Frank’s protectors and the woman who preserved the diary that endures as a testament to the human spirit in the face of unfathomable evil, died Monday night, the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam said. She was 100.

“I am not a hero,” Mrs. Gies wrote in her memoir, “Anne Frank Remembered,” published in 1987. “I stand at the end of the long, long line of good Dutch people who did what I did and more — much more — during those dark and terrible times years ago, but always like yesterday in the heart of those of us who bear witness.”

Gies remained largely anonymous until an American writer, Alison Leslie Gold, persuaded her to tell her story and worked with her on “Anne Frank Remembered.”

Every Aug. 4, the anniversary of the raid on the annex, Miep and Jan Gies remained at their Amsterdam home. They withdrew from the world and reflected on the lost.

In her diary entry on May 8, 1944, Anne Frank wrote how “we are never far from Miep’s thoughts.”

In her memoir, Mrs. Gies told of her emotions when she finally read the diary.

She wrote: “The emptiness in my heart was eased. So much had been lost, but now Anne’s voice would never be lost. My young friend had left a remarkable legacy to the world.

“But always, every day of my life, I’ve wished that things had been different. That even had Anne’s diary been lost to the world, Anne and the others might somehow have been saved.

“Not a day goes by that I do not grieve for them.”

source: nytimes