Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My content copied and plagiarized!!!

I was shocked to see an article on a networking site which had been copied verbatim by someone anonymous from a recent article that I had posted on a different forum. While my reactions range from disbelief to anger, I am wondering how to react to this!

I know, it's a vast world of internet where we can hardly check things and figure out about this kind of cheating. At the most, we can have the user banned but then what? He can pop us again with a different user name! With virtually ineffective cyber laws and little understanding and knowledge about the execution, we have to just wait for some well wisher who might just point out that you have been copied and plagiarised.

It feels bad to know that people are cowardly not to give credit and also not to have their own ideas expressed. We all are individuals with beautiful original ideas and it doesn't take much, does it! They not only do something unethical but also lose their original thoughts and creativity.

I have been lucky. the admin not only have removed the post but also have sufficiently warned the user. Sometimes, people do it out of ignorance as well. Anything on internet is free - that's what they think. I just wish they come of age and do not spoil the internet and try to write their original stuffs.

Good luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me, myself and my independence

Being independent and living up to being one is an act of great responsibility which everyone yearns for. Some are supposedly independent as early as in their post teen years and some, in country like ours, are still not, even in their sixties. Does that mean being independent is a frame of mind that depends on our thought processes and the way we think?

I have seen people who are in a family, with many of authoritative people around but yet to have an opinion. They think, talk and most of the times, live by what they believe in. On the contrary, some who have been living alone since tender age still do not quite have their opinion, their free thinking power, their might. What I want to say is, independence is not as much as in our apparent decision to live all by ourselves as in being able to think, reason and live independently. I agree, living by our own means and deciding on several small earthly issues and subsequently, seeing it happen do make us individuality enough to take a decision. But being independent is not just that, I guess.

I feel, being independent is not just about having to make a living out of your profession, going to the market, buying vegetables and then eating and tomorrow is an another day! My ability to think for myself and having the power to see the broader view of what we are thinking and what we are not make me strong. The power to decide between the right and the wrong, the power to reason as I believe in and to stand by it whenever situation arises not only makes me independent but also beautiful.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Why do we do good?

I am here again with something that has been bugging me for some time now. I have often wondered about the societal influence and pressure that we all go through in life. Some people do good and be good to avoid the shame of being regarded as a 'bad human in the society'. When people do good? Do they do it just for the sake of it or for the good name and blessing that others would shower on him as a consequence of it?

Am I confusing you? Actually I am bit confused here. I have found that many around die to hear about their goodness and how good they are. They are highly affected about their reputation, their ordeal. Nothing wrong in it, as long as they are doing good. It's the goodness that matters at the end of the day.

If you ask me, I try to be good in my dispositions and whatever ordeal I go through every day. May be it feels great to do be good. Its like helping myself more than anything else. I love being good to myself and others.

That was quite a blabber!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You, Me and a Beautiful Us

Hope you all are doing fine.

Today, I am writing with a definitive purpose of making things beautiful for others and myself. I have been working as a secretary to a Senior Cardiologist in the country. My job profile is just like any other secretaries. I take appointments, make the patients comfortable, file their docs, make computer entries, counsel them, help them expedite their whole process in the hospital. In addition, I do all secretarial job to my boss, which I simply love.

I have a decent place to sit with a Flatron monitor, internet connection, hospital network system software and all that takes. However, I have been thinking to do things little differently for the patients and my boss. It should be something that the patients feel good about and the whole hospital experience should be a very pleasant one at the end of the day. I already try to keep flowers, candies, cookies, cuddles, magazines, booklets, sanitizers, medicines.. for the patients and children and make my utmost effort to be empathetic and make the people feel good. Still, I just cannot be content. I really want to go a step ahead and make people feel good and make the experience a really nice one.

May be more of all these and some fun stuffs like puzzles, sudokus can make a difference. Still working on it....