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Hello readers! This is my personal blog. I write on everything, from chipmunks to nails, anything that interests me at that point in time. I write, I blabber, I doodle, I do everything that you do and sometimes I do stuffs that you do not or will never do ever. Sometimes I am a half-informed, full throttled ranter - I rant to let go and I have been there much too early in life. I live in a quaint, seductive city in the eastern part of the globe in a magical country where you will find the most amazing monument in white marble that was built just to bury a love so dear! The Taj Mahal! On top the Himalayas, beneath the seas, on the west deserts and oceans and in the far east rainforests and picturesque greens - that's how my city looks. I grew up here and have been here all my life and I love it no matter what. 

I am a working girl too and at home I do a lot of chores and when I am not sleeping I write. I write, mostly, once the city is half asleep and when the west wakes up to the sun. I live uptown with my parents in our own house. Here, we still get fresh produce from local farms that my mother visits everyday. We know the names of the farmers and they know where we live and many times we are delighted to find the produce (that includes sweet water fish as well) delivered at our house.

I have a few good friends, some amazing souls and a wonderful boss that have been there with me since forever, no matter what. I have had some pricey (literally) moments in my life and some priceless and much love to live on forever. My family consists of my two sisters, brother-in-laws, two beautiful nieces and a eight year old nephew from them. That makes ten of us, altogether for now. They all live abroad and we do meet up once a year when we have the best of times.

That's Mimpi for now. I hope to come back sometime soon with more. Do visit again.This lovely, quirky family pic, once my dream board pinup, is my desktop wallpaper now. Cheers!

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