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Monday, May 7, 2012

Snack on with healthy and yummy aloo chat

One of my favorite office time snacks and something which all of us agree on all the time is the famously aloo chat. We just love it, so much so that it has become our favorite lunch time option. With colleagues like ours, we are never short of enthusiasm and ingredients to attract more. However, having said this, this special item is solely franchised by one of our colleagues who most diligently selects, gathers, prepares and serves aloo chat ( potato mix) for us. He is our aloo chat wala in suit and tie.
Aloo chat needs several easily available ingredients that have to be picked with love - not everybody's cup of tea. You will need perfectly boiled ( not over cooked) potatoes, squarely chopped tomatoes, finely chopped coriander leaves, fresh lime juice, sprouted chana (soaked overnight) tamarind pulp, salt to taste, bhujia, roasted peanuts, chopped onions and ginger julienne. But the most important of all is the masala that is the USP of this snack. You have to roast coriander, cumin, red chili and aamchur powder on light flame and grind it. Seasoning the aloo chat with the right proportion of the masala needs experience and with time you will develop skills that will help you become the favorite chat wala as well!

These are just the basic ingredients. You can go creative with yogurt, pomegranates, sprouted green dal, grapes, muri (puffed rice) etc. Aloo chat is very healthy with lot of vitamins, energy giving healthy carbs, protein and vitamin C.

Note: I have tried to eat aloo chat at home, even ate it but it's not the same. You need to eat aloo chat with friends, family and loved ones for fun and happy eating experience. However, if you are not privileged you should still eat it just for the simple fact that aloo chat is healthy and is never a burden on the stomach.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tips to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

BBB (Better Business Bureau) has laid down a detailed memorandum to shop during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As I was reading through the guide, I thought it is relevant for anytime shopping. Shopping would be a better experience if we could follow most of the guidelines.The BBB recommends the following tips for shopping online this holiday season to help fight unscrupulous online retailers, scammers and hackers:

Start planning now. Many retail stores are already promoting Black Friday deals in ads and on their websites. Take time to print out or clip ads for items you are interested in buying to help outline your shopping day in advance.

Read the fine print on gift cards. These can be found on the back of the card and will let you know the terms and conditions for using the card. There could be limitations to in-store purchases or exclusions on certain items.

Ask about return policies. While many stores offer a 30-day return policy, it is important to read the terms and conditions associated with each purchase. And remember that the refund policy usually applies to the day you purchase the item not when you give the item as a gift. Be sure to request gift receipts for all gifts.

Ask for gift receipts. When buying gifts, it’s important to obtain and keep receipts for all purchases in case the recipient needs to return an item. Many stores will provide gift receipts upon request, which allow returns but don’t show the recipient how much you paid for an item.

Protect your personal information. Check to see how your information may be used online. When shopping at stores, keep your card out of sight and make sure you get it back and safely in your wallet before you leave the store.

Check the site’s security settings and privacy policy. If the site is secure, its address should start with https://. You also may see a picture of a small closed lock in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Know the company’s refund and return policies. Are there restocking fees? Do you have to pay shipping costs on returns?

Do not rely on pictures of a product. Read the description and check model numbers, if applicable.

Be cautious of free or low-price offers. Often, free offers are followed by an open-ended enrollment in a program that automatically bills your credit card account. Before ordering anything online, make sure you click on and read all terms and conditions.

Pay with a credit card.If you suspect fraud or don’t receive your order, you can challenge the charge in the event of a dispute.

Obtain a tracking number for shipments. If you need the product before the holidays, find out when the seller intends to ship it and if possible, how it will be shipped.

Print out the order. Make sure you have the documentation page for online orders and save it until the order arrives.

Be aware of phishing. Don’t respond to emails that ask for your credit card or bank account number or other personal information. Legitimate businesses do not send emails claiming there is a problem with an order or account to lure you into revealing financial information.

(C): BBB