Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When will India stop the candyfloss diplomacy with Pakistan?

A case of mistaken identity where Sabarjit Singh, alleged Indian spy on death row convicted of terrorism,  is being insensitively mistaken as Surjeet Singh, who inadvertently had crossed the border in 1982,  has left the nation spellbound. In a most dramatic ordeal of what I think most farcical goof ups of recent times, Pakistan plays with Indian sentiments blatantly, yet again. This is not the first time though. In a series of recently crafted sorrys Pakistan has made a farce of Indo-Pak relationship. When would Indian administrators stop the candy floss diplomacy with Pakistan. This is an international embarrassment for Pakistan, and for India yet another lesson, (will she learn from it?). It's time Pakistan stopped passing the buck and India adopted strong foothold on all diplomatic issues concerning both the countries. If not now then when?

CNN-IBN traces how the Sarabjit-Surjeet story developed through Tuesday evening right up to midnight. 

6:50 pm: Pakistani TV channels broke the news that Sarabjit Singh's death sentence has been commuted by President Asif Ali Zardari.

7:00 pm: The Indian media picked up the story.

7:20 pm: Pakistan's Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar is asked by CNN-IBN about confirmation on Sarabjit's release.

7:20 pm: Farhatullah Babar talks about Surjeet Singh's release but does not clarify that the man to be released is not Sarabjit Singh.

7:22 pm: In the phone interview, Farhatullah Babar fails to recognise the difference between Surjeet and Sarabjit Singh.

8:00 pm: External Affairs Minister SM Krishna thanked Pakistan on the basis of media reports.
Pakistan government takes five hours to issue a clarification on the Sarabjit/Surjeet confusion.

12:00 midnight: Farhatullah Babar sends the media an SMS clarifying that the release is of Surjeet Singh and not Sarabjit Singh,

Credit: CNNIBN

The larger issue though is we are being distracted from the larger issue of the the arrest of Abu Jundal, aka Abu Hamza, a LeT terrorist and key handler of attackers who struck Mumbai in 26-11-2008.