Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mimpidreams is shifting

Mimpidreams is shifting

You must be wondering about the reduced activity in MD and why I was not showing up and talking it out. I apologise to all of you for being so annoyingly dormant. However, you have been always on my mind and as some of you must be knowing, I was working on the new Ning pricing and features that they have rolled out on 4th of May. They have put forth a couple of options namely Ning Mini and Ning plus. Ning MINI has very few features and not quite MD compatible. How on earth MD will survive without the groups, events! And Ning Plus (19.95$/ month) is something I cannot keep up with right now. I have been undecided and really upset. Some of you have been really sweet to have come forward with their assurances of helping this site going on - something I appreciate but monetary help is something I would not be consider ever.

All said and done, I feel that the show must go on no matter what. We have tried our best to make this place ultra special and how could I let it go?

The good news

MD is phasing out of Ning and we are now, moving onto a different site with webs. I stumbled across this after hundreds of trials and thought this would be the best way to create something like our original MD. I thank you for your patience and understanding while I go about the process of moving out and moving in to a new home we call ‘Dreams Shattered’. Hey, don’t freak out! I still could retain the same name! It’s mimpidreams in a new virtual address.

I am trying to update the new site with all the good old stuffs. Do let me know how did you like the make over, the face lift and I will work on your suggestions. Eagerly awaiting your feedback and active participation. I am the same mimpi and its our same old mimpidreams in a new place and in a new look.