Monday, January 17, 2011

Bunions and Heel Spur: Two painful feet conditions

The two terrible feet conditions that people often suffer from are heel spur and bunions. Both are inexpressibly painful and are persistent so much so that it becomes hard to get rid of them. 

Calcaneal spur, commonly known as heel spur, is the in-growth of the calcaneal (heel bone) mostly due to deposit of calcium. Bunion is a foot condition where the big toe bends towards the second toe forming a sharp bony prominence. Pains, from mild to severe, are caused by the inflammation and the bone pressing against the shoe.  Bunions are more common in women and are caused by a number of reasons, including wearing shoes that are too tight, years of abnormal motion, poor foot mechanics, bone deformities, flat feet and arthritis. However, common to both feet conditions are our body weight. Obese people are more prone and it’s generally reported that being overweight is an aggravating factor.

 Symptoms of heel spur:
Excessive continuing pain on putting your heel flat
On slow and less walking it decreases temporarily
On fast walking, jumping, carrying weights the pain increases


Stretching exercises
Losing body weight
Wearing shoes that have cushions, heel cradle and heel cup all over and absorb shocks
R.I.C.E therapy

Symptoms of bunions:

Moderate to severe pain on walking
Bony growth of the big toe
Big toe bent towards the other toes
Both feet usually affected


Choose shoes with roomy toe box, cushioned cradle and padding all over to accommodate the bony prominence.
Losing body weight
R.I.C.E therapy
Surgery is an option when conservative treatment fails and you have chronic pains.

What is  RICE-(M)?

R – Relative Rest
I – Ice
C – Compression
E – Elevation
M – Motion


  1. Wearing the right kind of shoes is very important. Go roomy and comfortable. Pick shoes that have a wide toe and skip those with high heels or pointed toes. Also, spending long periods of time on your feet can aggravate the symptoms of bunions. I use SmartToes Toe Stretchers for bunion treatment and hammer toe treatment. The unique design helps straighten and align your toes and feet and provide relief for bunion and hammer toe.

  2. The footwear is something really important for us. It can affect big time in ourlifestyle. So consider having a good one.