Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Note to myself on Women's Day

A true woman is liberated. She empowers people she comes across. She is strong and composed; she loves others as much as she loves herself. She knows when to say NO and how. She smiles off the odds and cries in happiness. She is like a ocean - deep, consistent, wobbly at times. She is an endless story.

She makes herself safe on roads at mid night. She helps others do that as well. She stands for herself and others. She knows her mistake and owns up to it.

And of course she is DONE WITH all the talking and she actually DOES. She is REAL. She doesn't walk in man's shoes. She doesn't wait for her rights to be plated; she makes everyday a woman's day. She is she for always and forever.
She is the woman I would love to become..someday..

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